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We are a specialist marketing agency in Melbourne that enables B2B companies to communicate better to attract and retain loyal customers, employees and partners more effectively. We create strategic and consistent messages that build brand leadership and sales pipelines. We cater to the selected needs of big brands and provide complete small business marketing services to help them achieve exponential growth.

Do you aspire to build a strong market position for your brand? Do you need an effective marketing strategy to promote your brand? Looking for marketing consultant in Melbourne who can help you secure your market share? Approach us now! We are a one-stop platform for all your marketing needs.

Content Marketing

Do you want to fill your sales pipeline with prospects? Do you want to differentiate your business and turn your expertise into Brand Engagement, readers into Buyers and Customers into loyal Brand advocates, 24/7?

We will develop original content for the Website and Social Media, with integrated email and online campaigns that point to your business from every angle and make you stand out.

Website Content Development

Email Marketing

Articles, Papers, Case Studies

Social Media Publishing

Marketing Strategy & Communication

No time to develop marketing strategy for growth? Need to launch a new Service, or share some hot news? Speed to market makes all the difference.

InnoFuture is a trusted, essential resource for business leaders and busy executives to get their Brand message out fast and make it work 24/7. What will add most value to your business?

Clear Value Proposition

Integrated Campaigns

Digital Strategy

Internal Communication

Event Marketing

Boost your sales performance and Brand leadership with Event Marketing. Market education is the most effective way to establish thought leadership essential in selling innovative and complex solutions and services. It also leads to creating a powerful Employer Brand.

We will design an exciting program and market your events to create hot prospects and engaged customers. Convert participants into buyers and Brand advocates! Let’s talk!

Event Strategy & Design

Marketing & Leveraging Events

Video Marketing

About You

You want to build a stronger market position for your business. You need more market communication but have no in-house resources. You just want to get things done!
Business Owner | MD
Business Owner | MD
You have a big Vision for your business and it needs to be told externally and internally, anchored in a Value Proposition, Story, Brand leadership. You want to make an impact that translates into consistent, profitable sales. Expand your team through InnoFuture and turn your market solution into killer market proposition customers can’t resist.
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Marketing |Sales
Marketing |Sales
It’s not that you can’t do it yourself. It’s the time. Can you shine in value-adding strategic thinking, while turning nuts and bolts on market campaigns and daily workload? Are you on top of Content for website, SM and email campaigns? Could your Sales team do better selling to hot leads, with inbound strategy rather than cold calling? See where our pragmatic thinking can take you.
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Internal Marketing
Internal Marketing
You want to make an impact on the business and set Culture, Productivity and Innovation “en fuego”. You want your strategic intent to be translated into engaging content & campaigns. If you are launching an internal initiative or Service and want to get full Team support, Integrated Communication Plan, implemented fast makes all the difference. All it takes is a phone call.
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About Us

Uncommon passion for getting You uncommon results.
We help ambitious organisations attract, engage & retain Customers.

Who we are.

InnoFuture is a boutique Business to Business marketing agency in Melbourne with expertise in marketing strategy and digital marketing. Boutique means high quality but without the overheads of large marketing agencies. InnoFuture is led by Margaret Manson, a highly qualified marketing specialist with twenty years of experience in building differentiating and profitable brands.

As an innovative marketing company in Melbourne and we help companies build a road map to achieve their strategic goals. From defining market segments and compelling Value Proposition, to Digital Marketing Strategy and PR, we put the plan into action. The bottom line: we help you compete on value and not on price.

Whether yours is an established company or a start-up, we will develop the most effective action plan to go to market, fast. We thrive on creating small business marketing solutions to drive growth and build a strong brand presence. As marketing consultants in Melbourne we work with B2B companies, building and implementing powerful marketing strategies to grow through more effective sales. If you are looking for a marketing company in Melbourne that is committed to helping you achieve exceptional results… you have found it.

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  • Communication is our passion.

    Great communication builds profitable brands.

  • We DO the hard stuff.

    We thrive on relentlessly implementing your strategy.

  • We create Brand Engagement.

    We translate your expertise into compelling content and customer and employee engagement.


    We surf chaos daily to tame new trends and technologies to build market leadership.

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