10 Top Things Captivating Australia – April 2014

Productivity-1I must have blinked, because the first quarter is suddenly over. So I thought I’d bring you a quick snapshot of top 10 things that have been captivating the popular national attention lately.
  1. ‘Productivity’ still tops the charts of most popular words and initiatives: Australians are a bunch of overpaid slackers.
  2. In number 2 is ‘jobs creation’. Policy makers have sweated away and produced a few piggy banks – grants – to save 3-4 regions most affected by manufacturing failures. The only thing about this plan is that there is no plan.
  3. We still don’t know why the Malaysian plane flew where it flew – and we may never know.
  4. There was an announcement from Qantas that its bright future is now assured by offering customers what they really, really want: upmarket beer.
  5. Another Australian sports star has been confirmed as suffering from depression. Apparently it’s becoming quite common in football. Has anyone checked how this looks like among small business owners.
  6. We now have a FTA with Japan – they will be able to buy more grand Angus cheaper and we will be able to buy more imported cars – precipitating closures of the last standing automotive businesses. But Tony Abbott assures us that this will create some jobs now, and later it may create better jobs!
  7. Tony Abbott has just checked his 100 days in power.  He has traveled. He has done things Tony Abbott does, and has handed out scissors to cut a lot of ‘red and green tape’. But there is a disturbing lack of long-term plan.
  8. At least two of the Federal Ministers have issued blank invitations for input from business and anyone who is interested to provide ideas on how to save our Manufacturing and our Agricultural sectors. There hasn’t been any feedback on what bright ideas have been proposed.
  9. The Labour party is in trouble: people just can’t tell why they should vote for them. Or maybe it’s because Union coffers are beginning to look breezy as its traditional manufacturing base is questioning its future strategies. Dare I mention that something that I advise businesses to work on, Differentiation, would turn things around for Labour and potentially for the voters.
  10. Future strategies – this issue has certainly been occupying my attention. I am concerned that we haven’t heard any “Yes, we can” speeches from Tony Abbott in 100 days. What I want to hear is that there is a Vision for Australia – one that doesn’t depend on selling commodities (e.g. mineral resources), or Tech-start-ups, or on compromises called ‘Free Trade Agreements’, or on selling our national assets like farms.
Thinking big and long-term is essential for even achieving short term success faster!

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