May 14, 2014

2014 Federal Budget Infographic

Tony Abbott, Joe HockeyGet the picture! Here is a quick iconographic of the 2104 Federal Budget, before you get an earful over the next few days.

The Budget always reminds me of Agatha Christie’s “Mousetrap”. After 60 years on stage most theatre-goers have seen it, and the whodunnit shouldn’t be a surprise. Yet, the show continues to attract and surprise.

As a show, the Budget as an act of democratic ‘courtesy’ because as citizens, we cannot do anything about it in a short term. So, normally I wouldn’t  bother to comment on this topic. But I am deeply concerned!

Judge for yourself – consider the Budget Iconographic – and see if my comments below resonate with your thoughts.

Credits: This iconographic was created by Charis Palmer  and Emil Jeyaratnam, at The Conversation.

[The ConversationThis article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.]

I am concerned that the Budget lacks to show any inspiration for the bright future of this country. 

What in this budget promises a thriving future economy? What part of the budget gives us hope and pride in Australia as a rich nation that can provide a thriving environment for its citizens? What part of the Budget shows that there IS a path to building a smart nation – able to play a respected part in the global economy – by driving smart, unique, competitive skills? What in this budget offers hope for the aging population or for  employment?

I am concerned whether this Budget offers a sustainable approach to creating future wealth of our nation. 

I agree with the PM that the age of ‘entitlement’ must end: people and business need to stand on their own feet. Brilliant. But everyone needs a Vision – a big, future picture that offers hope, direction and pride. It seems that this Budget  only says “No more fish for you!”. Something is missing.

Let’s hope that in the haste of cutting the ‘red and green tape’, some essential wires haven’t been cut. Because as sure as today is today, if we want to have a future as a prosperous nation, ‘entitlement or not’, the Government needs to strategically top-prioritize and budget for building smart and healthy nation. Just like any business needs to focus on happy employees to attract and keep good customers.  There is nothing else.

In the meantime,
Enjoy your innovation journey!

Margaret Manson | Chief Inspirator

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