12 Commandments of Innovation for Australian Business

Like many brands, InnoFuture, Future Powered by Innovation, started with a Leader’s Vision. This Vision was to create a world-class business innovation conference that would transform the future of Australian businesses through best knowledge, inspiration and connecting people with ideas and resources. Success of this vision can be measure on three levels: it created a[…]

What is Business Platform Innovation

How often do we see a case of Business Platform Innovation, the most powerful way of driving competitive growth, unfold before our eyes! Nearly three years ago I wrote an article “10 Ways to Innovate in Business”. It highlighted the fact that R&D-based product innovation is only one the toughest of at least ten ways of[…]

CEO In The Age of Social. Don’t Manage the Media – Manage the Message.

Today, every CEO needs to get amplified and personally turn up the volume of the Business Brand to claim market leadership. We live in the “different” times when it comes to Brand Leadership. Just as we discovered that innovation is not the domain of one person or department, or even a business on its own;[…]

The Difference that RODE to Global Market Leadership

In the quest to inspire and encourage global leadership ambition by Australian businesses, InnoFuture is getting inside the heads of successful small business leaders, who have taken on the world and cracked it. In the digital age we often get starstruck by the meteoric success of some online platforms and ‘celebrity geeks’. While digital innovation[…]

The Question of Australian Food Security

While our Government if busy cutting red and green tape, labouring over ‘policies’, and funding repetitive and redundant ‘reports’ that never see the daylight or action, Australia is entering a quiet crisis that is not quite visible yet to the general public. Yes, it’s about the looming food security crisis.   According to a story[…]

WANTED: One Fresh Vision for Australia Instead of Soup Kitchen

Recently, Richard Goyder, Chief of Wesfarmers, one of the Olympic gods at G20 to those who care and Mr Puzzled to the rest of us,  cried “In January I left Davos feeling really good about the world, having been there for a week and people were talking up the US economy, being pretty satisfied where[…]

Websites and Business Culture

Company’s website is it’s face and, today, it reflects the Culture of an organisation. What and how you communicate to your employees and customers shows through your website.  I call ‘confident personality’. Good looks give advantage to people and websites, but it’s the ‘personality’ that wins in the long term. And, the above checklist is[…]

Six Steps to an Insanely Innovative Culture

Many businesses and organisations struggle with productivity, sales, keeping profits up, staff turnover and effective innovation. The common root of all these problems: people. And it’s not always because they are not smart, capable, qualified or (not usually) lazy or unwilling. The real problem in not getting the results you want is lack of direction,[…]

Innovation Is Not Enough. Are we there yet?

A McKinsey article. MAY 2011 • James Manyika, Daniel Pacthod, and Michael Parkdekor-okno.ru It’s not just the United States that is facing a future in which the elements of economic leadership are moving abroad. Reversing these trends will require the private and public sectors to collaborate. There are lessons here for every nation and Australia[…]

What Is Innovation Culture and How to Get It.

Leaders know that Culture is not a ‘fuzzy’, nice-to-have exercise for the HR or PR department, but the real muscle of a differentiating, high-performance organisation. Properly managed, it ensures business longevity, market attractiveness and profitability. Enlighted leaders view and treat Culture as a business Process. And, as a Process, Culture, especially Innovation Culture, can be[…]

Whirlpool: How to Build Innovation Culture

Whirlpool Corporation has become a modern textbook case of a massive corporate transformation, through Innovation that swept the entire 70,000+ workforce . Whirlpool’s heroic journey has been documented in the 2008 book “Unleashing Innovation at Whirlpool” by Nancy Tennant Snyder, who spearheaded the change. For this article InnoFuture has talked to Moises Norena, Global Director[…]