12 Commandments of Innovation for Australian Business

Like many brands, InnoFuture, Future Powered by Innovation, started with a Leader’s Vision. This Vision was to create a world-class business innovation conference that would transform the future of Australian businesses through best knowledge, inspiration and connecting people with ideas and resources. Success of this vision can be measure on three levels: it created a[…]

Cloud Security

Cloud Security Made Cool and Still an Exclusive Club

When a company is able to provide unlimited and awesome technical support 24/7 at no cost, so that their customers can safely open any email in the inbox, and give their team peace of mind and a shot at productivity, it only means one thing. Passion for deploying rock-solid technology! One quiet Australian achiever, MailGuard,[…]

Federal Government Vision For The Future of Australian Manufacturing

Earlier this week I had another meeting with the Federal Government. The Ministry for Industry contacted me in response to my submission on “saving Australian manufacturing”. In January the Minister for Industry invited broad input on the subject. Yes, seven months later the Department was following up on the submission. What did I propose? In[…]

The Question of Australian Food Security

While our Government if busy cutting red and green tape, labouring over ‘policies’, and funding repetitive and redundant ‘reports’ that never see the daylight or action, Australia is entering a quiet crisis that is not quite visible yet to the general public. Yes, it’s about the looming food security crisis.   According to a story[…]

WANTED: One Fresh Vision for Australia Instead of Soup Kitchen

Recently, Richard Goyder, Chief of Wesfarmers, one of the Olympic gods at G20 to those who care and Mr Puzzled to the rest of us,  cried “In January I left Davos feeling really good about the world, having been there for a week and people were talking up the US economy, being pretty satisfied where[…]

Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey

Conversations with Federal Government

Obviously they couldn’t communicate ‘all’ initiatives the Govt is working on.mountainsphoto.ru My response: to both ‘who are you and what are you about?’ and to the information received from the Office: 1.There is a lot of talk, a lot of policy-making, but we need to have a clarity of direction for this country. Meaning: if[…]

The Secret of Winning Business Cultures

Many businesses and organisations struggle with productivity, sales, keeping profits up, staff turnover and effective innovation. The real problem in not getting the results you want is the disconnect between Strategy and the Operations, i.e. lack of direction kahovka-service.ru In today’s business environment, it’s not enough to create job descriptions and expect people to do[…]

10 Top Things Captivating Australia – April 2014

I must have blinked, because the first quarter is suddenly over. So I thought I’d bring you a quick snapshot of top 10 things that have been captivating the popular national attention lately. ‘Productivity’ still tops the charts of most popular words and initiatives: Australians are a bunch of overpaid slackers. In number 2 is[…]

Searching for Australian Business Model

There is a hot debate raging on a couple of LinkedIn Groups, one being Australian IT Industry and the other Australian Manufacturing Forum. From different angles, they are tackling the future of Australian industry and economy. There are plenty of valid opinions and some great ideas. But here is the thing. Without a clear direction,[…]

Plan to Be Unique – Breed Innovation

In the over-use of the term “innovation”, we tend to believe that being innovative is something that just comes naturally to the lucky ones, or that it’ll just happen as long as we are diligently talking about it. The truth, as many thought-leaders of today are showing us, is that breeding innovation requires a lot[…]

Zach Tumin: Have a Simple Vision

Vision is often talked about in business writings, collaboration meetings, and anywhere you might advice on innovation. The trouble is, many times the discussed version of “vision” is impractical for everyday business processes. In the recent Collaboration 21 interview, Zach Tumin presents a better way to make sure the vision you create is practical and[…]