Federal Government Vision For The Future of Australian Manufacturing

Earlier this week I had another meeting with the Federal Government. The Ministry for Industry contacted me in response to my submission on “saving Australian manufacturing”. In January the Minister for Industry invited broad input on the subject. Yes, seven months later the Department was following up on the submission. What did I propose? In[…]

Getting ROI on Innovation – US Airlines Lead in Profitability

Spotted by www.trendwatching.com this is an example of kick-ass innovations using Social Media to engage and create value for Customers. Delta Airlines is again one of the most profitable airlines in the world (several US airlines have made a turnaround, but that’s another story). This may be gimmicky but in the age of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’[…]

Competitive Strategy: Learn From Innovation Outside of Your Industry

In the world of today, job losses are increasing, manufacturers are being driven to close their doors, and large corporations are selling their assets for pennies on the dollar. It seems grim, but only from one side of the coin. If you flip it over, entrepreneur numbers are on the rise, startups are dominating marketplaces[…]