What is Business Platform Innovation

How often do we see a case of Business Platform Innovation, the most powerful way of driving competitive growth, unfold before our eyes! Nearly three years ago I wrote an article “10 Ways to Innovate in Business”. It highlighted the fact that R&D-based product innovation is only one the toughest of at least ten ways of[…]

Websites and Business Culture

Company’s website is it’s face and, today, it reflects the Culture of an organisation. What and how you communicate to your employees and customers shows through your website.  I call ‘confident personality’. Good looks give advantage to people and websites, but it’s the ‘personality’ that wins in the long term. And, the above checklist is[…]

How to make a Competitive Impact.

But the multi-million-dollar question is “What impact will we make?”http://rpk-tramplin.ru Here is a ‘five plus one’ take on this question! Top 5 Challenges Leaders Can Control: Most businesses in Australia struggle with five strategic challenges over which they DO have control: ONE SOLUTION: There is one answer to all these challenges. Every business needs to[…]

The Secret of Winning Business Cultures

Many businesses and organisations struggle with productivity, sales, keeping profits up, staff turnover and effective innovation. The real problem in not getting the results you want is the disconnect between Strategy and the Operations, i.e. lack of direction kahovka-service.ru In today’s business environment, it’s not enough to create job descriptions and expect people to do[…]

Searching for Australian Business Model

There is a hot debate raging on a couple of LinkedIn Groups, one being Australian IT Industry and the other Australian Manufacturing Forum. From different angles, they are tackling the future of Australian industry and economy. There are plenty of valid opinions and some great ideas. But here is the thing. Without a clear direction,[…]

Competitive Strategy: Learn From Innovation Outside of Your Industry

In the world of today, job losses are increasing, manufacturers are being driven to close their doors, and large corporations are selling their assets for pennies on the dollar. It seems grim, but only from one side of the coin. If you flip it over, entrepreneur numbers are on the rise, startups are dominating marketplaces[…]

Plan to Be Unique – Breed Innovation

In the over-use of the term “innovation”, we tend to believe that being innovative is something that just comes naturally to the lucky ones, or that it’ll just happen as long as we are diligently talking about it. The truth, as many thought-leaders of today are showing us, is that breeding innovation requires a lot[…]

Zach Tumin on the Art of Right-Sized Problems

In the recent interview with Zach Tumin, he discussed the importance of a right-size problem, and how to pick or form an issue that will give you a “quick win.” This means to see immediate progress in your approach.межвенцовые утеплители, как сделать оптимальный выбор Your first set of problems do not need to solve the[…]