What is Business Platform Innovation

How often do we see a case of Business Platform Innovation, the most powerful way of driving competitive growth, unfold before our eyes! Nearly three years ago I wrote an article “10 Ways to Innovate in Business”. It highlighted the fact that R&D-based product innovation is only one the toughest of at least ten ways of[…]

Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey

Conversations with Federal Government

Obviously they couldn’t communicate ‘all’ initiatives the Govt is working on.mountainsphoto.ru My response: to both ‘who are you and what are you about?’ and to the information received from the Office: 1.There is a lot of talk, a lot of policy-making, but we need to have a clarity of direction for this country. Meaning: if[…]

Maximising Your Organisation’s Potential Speech Coming up!

I am so excited. This Thursday I am giving a presentation on Maximising Business Potential Through Culture in the most innovative training facility in the southern hempsphere – www.BLSC.com.au.ragrani.ru The function,titled Maximising Your Organisation’s Potential, will be held at the Building Leadership Simulation Centre for a total of two and a half hours. Myself and[…]