The Difference that RODE to Global Market Leadership

In the quest to inspire and encourage global leadership ambition by Australian businesses, InnoFuture is getting inside the heads of successful small business leaders, who have taken on the world and cracked it. In the digital age we often get starstruck by the meteoric success of some online platforms and ‘celebrity geeks’. While digital innovation[…]

Why Innovation is a Matter of Culture.

LinkedIn and other social  media can be a goldmine of information, when it’s not being a time thief. This article by Adam Rogers, about why innovation is a really bad word whets an appetite for innovation with some practical tips lightly camouflaged by a fun-approach. There has been too much heavy handed pontificating of ‘innovation’[…]

How to make a Competitive Impact.

But the multi-million-dollar question is “What impact will we make?” Here is a ‘five plus one’ take on this question! Top 5 Challenges Leaders Can Control: Most businesses in Australia struggle with five strategic challenges over which they DO have control: ONE SOLUTION: There is one answer to all these challenges. Every business needs to[…]

The Secret of Winning Business Cultures

Many businesses and organisations struggle with productivity, sales, keeping profits up, staff turnover and effective innovation. The real problem in not getting the results you want is the disconnect between Strategy and the Operations, i.e. lack of direction In today’s business environment, it’s not enough to create job descriptions and expect people to do[…]

Innovation in an “Old” Industry

Today I saw a product proudly displayed in the center of a busy shop. I saw people picking it up, oohing and aahing over it, and some even putting it in their baskets. When I picked up on of the items, I was very confused to see that is was mass-printed hardcover copies of classic[…]

Competition vs. Collaboration: Which is Appropriate Today?

In the business world of today, it’s hard to tell who your true competition is and who may be a potential collaborator. Both help us grow and strive as organisations, but when does the idea of competing begin to impede our potential for innovation through collaboration? As a standard, most companies concede that companies directly[…]

Innovation Touches Everything

This graphic might seem a bit random, but it cleverly illustrates the organic nature of innovation. We speak of innovation in business ad nauseum, but it is important to remember that true innovation is much bigger than that. True innovation touches everything, and a breakthrough in on industry can lead to breakthroughs in another, improving[…]