How to make a Competitive Impact.

But the multi-million-dollar question is “What impact will we make?” Here is a ‘five plus one’ take on this question! Top 5 Challenges Leaders Can Control: Most businesses in Australia struggle with five strategic challenges over which they DO have control: ONE SOLUTION: There is one answer to all these challenges. Every business needs to[…]

Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey

Conversations with Federal Government

Obviously they couldn’t communicate ‘all’ initiatives the Govt is working My response: to both ‘who are you and what are you about?’ and to the information received from the Office: 1.There is a lot of talk, a lot of policy-making, but we need to have a clarity of direction for this country. Meaning: if[…]

The Secret of Winning Business Cultures

Many businesses and organisations struggle with productivity, sales, keeping profits up, staff turnover and effective innovation. The real problem in not getting the results you want is the disconnect between Strategy and the Operations, i.e. lack of direction In today’s business environment, it’s not enough to create job descriptions and expect people to do[…]

10 Top Things Captivating Australia – April 2014

I must have blinked, because the first quarter is suddenly over. So I thought I’d bring you a quick snapshot of top 10 things that have been captivating the popular national attention lately. ‘Productivity’ still tops the charts of most popular words and initiatives: Australians are a bunch of overpaid slackers. In number 2 is[…]

Random Thoughts

I’d like to share a One Random thought with you. mensclub24 This is the reason I am obsessed with innovation and why I keep coming to the same topic: no matter how big or small your business is, how experienced or new you are to the job or profession, innovation starts from day one and[…]

Business Model Innovation in the 21st Century

[screencast url=”” width=”500″ height=”350″] When most of us think of innovation, we think of new products, services. and technologies which enhance people’s lives. Saul Kaplan, author of The Business Model Innovation Factory: How to Stay Relevant When The World is Changing and Chief Catalyst of the Business Innovation Factory, explains in this video that the largest[…]

Building Hot Innovation Teams

Watch two videos – record from virtual IF event dedicated to “Building Hot Innovation Teams” Hear Dr Amantha Imber, Robert Jacobson and the Q&A Panel discussion. Gain valuable insights from three different perspectives and insights on how to build innovation teams: how to identify, find, nurture your team so it can deliver consistently innovative business[…]

Great Ideas or Great Innovations?

[screencast url=”” width=”500″ height=”350″] Ron Adner explains that the focus of his book, The Wide Lens, is to consider the differences between great innovations that succeed and great innovations that fail. While having a “world-changing” idea is perfect place to start with innovation, there is more to making it succeed than simply executing that idea.[…]

Congratulations on Your Engagement!

Engagement is a clearly spoken promise and mutual commitment. There are no free rides in a relationship. Engagement is a mutual understanding of a caring, purposeful and equitably shared commitment of a long term journey. They still may  want to move onto a different stage in lifeone day but the role of a Leader is[…]