March 17, 2011

Margaret Manson | Marketing & Communications Specialist

Margaret Manson | Chief Inspirator

InnoFuture | Global Trendz Marketing
BB (Marketing), MA Linguistics (German Literature)

Marketing & Communication Strategist and Brand Culture Architect. Enables progressive organisations to build smarter, differentiated and profitable Business Brands. Visionary adviser to Visionary Leaders.

Surfs chaos daily.

Expertise: Developing Marketing and Communication Strategy | Relentless Execution | Driving Internal and External Stakeholder Engagement Programs | Inspirational Team Leader | Developing and Managing Multi-Channel Integrated Campaigns | Expert in Connecting silos around Brand Strategy | Content Marketing – Social Media and Events – Specialist.

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Strategist: An experienced marketing and innovation professional | With strategic development roles in large retail, manufacturing (B2B), non-for-profit and marketing industries across all business sizes – including Merciedes Benz, Lurgi Australia, Target Australia, Noteprinting Australia, Siemens, The Signcraft Group –  Margaret has an unmatched understanding of a ‘business customer’ | Her practical and innovative application of marketing strategies have benefited a major Australian retailer make multi-million dollar savings through the Local Area Marketing program; generate over $1 Million in additional sales plus brand equity through a Strategic Sponsorship Program; and a 300% sales increase of a product range by applying innovative research methods to market communication and product distribution

Innovator: Since launching her first business in 2001, Margaret has consistently innovated the busienss model to tap into new and more attractive markets – using knowledge as a vehicle | Margaret founded Global Trendz Marketing agency in 2001 to help SMEs build stronger brands | In 2003 Launched an international conference on ‘tween’ marketing, BRANDchild Congress | In 2007 launched InnoFuture, a world class conference on business innovation | In 2008 launched InnoFuture Momentum, a business innovation network with a program of live events in Melbourne and Sydney | In 2009 launched Momentum Brisbane | In 2011 launching Virtual InnoFuture learning experience platform for business innovators.

Educator:  Margaret has given guest lectures and tutorials at the RMIT University and Box Hill and William Angliss Institutes of TAFE in subjects of: sales management, consumer behaviour and business planning.

Speaker: Margaret imagines and brings to life inspirational business events; in this capacity she has addressed large national conferences alongside recognised names in business, innovation and marketing, including: Giam Siegers, Deloitte; Tom Kelley, IDEO; Peter Williams, Deloitte Digital; Martin Lindstrom; and Richard Pratt

Passion: inspiring people, speaking about innovation, curating knowledge and trends, conversations with modern philosophers and innovators, coffee culture, tutto italiano, campaigning for a better future through better business thinking…

[See this short 1.5 min excerpt from InnoFuture conference]

Recent Speaking engagements:

  • InnoFuture Conference – on Innovation Imperative |
  • Building Industry Leadership Centre – on Business Culture |
  • Swinburne University – on Entrepreneurship |
  • American Chamber of Commerce – on Innovation |
  • Melbourne East Growing Business Network – on SME Innovation |
  • William Angliss Institute – on Marketing Communication.

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