Cloud Security Made Cool and Still an Exclusive Club

Cloud SecurityWhen a company is able to provide unlimited and awesome technical support 24/7 at no cost, so that their customers can safely open any email in the inbox, and give their team peace of mind and a shot at productivity, it only means one thing. Passion for deploying rock-solid technology!

One quiet Australian achiever, MailGuard, is a 14-years-in-the-making, overnight global success. Launched in 2001, and now in 27 countries, with tens of thousands of customers, it is the largest privately owned Cloud security company in the world. And, it is Australian owned, driven by the entrepreneurial genius and passion for everything cloud of its Founder, Craig McDonald.

As one of the leading global experts in Cloud security, he is frequently called to share the vast insights from his customers’ experience and his company’s R&D breakthroughs with CEOs and CIOs of multinationals, universities and government.

I met him last week. There is nothing geeky about Craig. He has the cool focus and composure of a Fortune 500 boardroom player. His door is wide open to let in any ideas that may mean disrupting the market or prevent his business from being disrupted, but he cuts quickly to the chase.

“I don’t want to support anything that doesn’t lead to success or is a waste of time” says Craig. “Show me how it will work.”

He is aware that the Cloud security market is suspended in a collective indecision. Stuck with the tangibility of desktop software habit, the 80% of followers are waiting for the tipping point to force their hand. In the meantime the 20% of early adopters are an exclusive club. They are reaping the benefits of cost, convenience, productivity; and it tends to translate into innovation gains in other areas of their business.

The cool passion Craig exudes is palpable. “Cloud security is our life. We live it, breathe it, innovate it, get excited about it, make geeky jokes about it and occasionally drink to it. Coffee, that is!”

In line with his commitment to the ‘cool of Cloud’, he opened his own, equally cool café downstairs, so that his team wouldn’t have to hike too far in search of mind clarity; and yet could mix with other folks over the steamy brew at the communal tables.

I have interviewed many innovative leaders in my role as Chief Inspirator of InnoFuture, many in established, mature industries. What Craig is doing with MailGuard is a fascinating chess game. He is looking to the third horizon with technology, while building solid business now, with product quality that “just works 100% of the time”, making it efficient enough to provide awesome technical support 24/7. And, he is ready to place the safety net under a big portion of the 80% late adopters, when the Cloud eventually engulfs every viable business.

Nominated for yet another business award, 2015 Australian EY Entrepreneur of the Year, Craig McDonald is someone you want to know, if you are a CIO wanting to make an impact on your business.

Feel free to check their website at Where it currently lacks in visual excitement, it delivers in clarity and transparency.


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