Cultural R-Evolution for Innovation

Innovation as the term implies means change. It means doing things differently to constantly adapt to the ubiquitous change in the environment.

And, this requires a large amount of energy which can only come from personal motivation driven, in turn, by Passion for what we are doing.

Bill Withers, MD of Acquire Australia, our recent RIOT guest speaker, is a living example of what an organisation driven by passion can achieve. Acquire, an IT business Bill founded, is a great Australian succes story. Bill tells the story as well as reveals the process behind this success in the video below.

What I would like to highlight is that Bill’s passion for making his company an ogoing concer lead him to developing a revolutionary business model based on a multi-generational employee ownership. In this model every director and employee have innovation processes hard-wired into their activities and accountabilities.

Bill considers innovation so important that he relinquished the title of the CEO together with the temptation to be involved in all operational aspects of a company, so that he can continue to architecture the direction of the company, with the support of an entire team.

And, one more thing. Directors in the company are alsoo Mentors of the teams appended to them – permanently.

Enjoy and learn.

Margaret Manson | Chief Inspirator