Conversations with Federal Government

Obviously they couldn’t communicate ‘all’ initiatives the Govt is working

My response: to both ‘who are you and what are you about?’ and to the information received from the Office:

1.There is a lot of talk, a lot of policy-making, but we need to have a clarity of direction for this country. Meaning: if we have a strategic economic direction of how we are to compete and how are we planning to win in the long-term, we will be able to more strategically plan ALL our resources: investment in manufacturing, in education, in skills, in infrastructure; including cost of energy within Australia.

2. We need action to deliver better Leadership education to SME leaders. There areĀ  many bright and talented people there, but they do not have time and resources to access the kind of world-class business thinking best experts or best universities can provide. Why cannot the Government just take the Australian Business Model and make it broadly available?

3. If anyone is still under the impression that we are still riding on the resources boom, they are blinded by the smoke from the burning platform. China, with its long-term national vision, is already investing in finding alternative sources to our dirty exports.

4. All I want to see it to educate and transform at least 5,000 Australian SMEs into UBER-Competitive global brands that will innovate and create smart jobs – and this by itself will probably compensate for losses in the automotive industry.

5. Why are we stuck on the fascination with the US-entrepreneurial model? Why there is this focus on start-ups? What about the 1.4M SMEs that need to do better?

That’s all we had the time for. I will now receive a written response from the Office.

Will it be back again to the ‘usual suspects’? Will a big global consulting firm be called in to solve the problems of Australian SMEs and our competitiveness and productivity. Or, will the Government take a new path to solve the problems with a new approach, listening to new voices, and mostly, looking further forward with a little bigger vision?