Do Not Hire For Talent, Education, or Skill!

In building an iconic and long-lasting brand, it is important to remember: do not do what the others are doing. This applies to most areas of business, but never more than in the area of building your team.

Many companies will hire based on impressive resumes and interview skills, only to find that they end up with a team of people who do not work well together because they don’t like one another or simply can’t communicate well. This is not an employee, morale, or engagement issue, and cannot be “foxed” with more tolerance training. It is a LEADERSHIP issue that can only be fixed with better hiring skills.

The trick is not to hire a person who simply has all the best credentials, proven talent, and past experience to make them a star. Instead, you must begin to hire based on attitude and personality. A corporate culture is built by the people within it. When you put the wrong people in the company, or simply mis-match different people, you end up with a culture of chaos and negativity.

This is why it is ABSOLUTELY VITAL that your organisation has its Non-Negotiable Principles clearly defined and understood. Once you have these “values” or guidelines in place, they will provide a clear roadmap through the hiring process and ensure you build a team of like-minded individuals who are all passionate and working towards the same goals.

Tony Hsieh, CEO of the iconic brand Zappos, speaks of this in several interviews. Here is one in which he boils down how to interview candidates based on their “fit” with the company’s Non-Negotiable Principles (which he refers to as “values”.)

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