February 6, 2012

DOJO Terms and Conditions


  1. Price of the DOJO Training Package for the Coach/Administrator + 1st month subscription is payable prior to access to Innovation DOJO – and is provided on application.
  2. Extra Support Services will be invoiced monthly with 7 Days payment terms via EFT.
  3. Monthly subscription payable in advance via automatic online transfer. Access to DOJO may be revoked if payment is outstanding.
  4. Guaranteed confidentiality of all Client information in InnoFuture DOJO.
  5. Upgrade to the next tier can be effected at any time – no extra charge in the month of change.
  6. Cancellation can be made any time with a month’s notice.

DOJO Delivery Policy

  1. As a ‘cloud’ product, your access to Dojo is instant.
  2. Your Company Dojo Coach receives access within 2 working days, following the receipt of your first payment and your Brand details so that we can ‘brand’ your training environment for you.