August 17, 2012

Dr Amantha Imber: Creating People Creativity

Dr Amantha Imber talks about how to ensure creativity readiness of your people:

  • Understand the difference between Lyrebirds and Bowerbirds: one makes all the right noises, imitating the sounds around him, while the other uses creativity to build a more attractive nest to attract a Partner. So, while Lyrebirds don’t necessarity add new value to your busiess or team, they may be useful in re-telling the story, re-inforcing ideas, re-iterating important facts and thoughts.
  • Bowerbirds, on the other hand, use their innate (or learnt) creativity to find original solutions to new problems. They add value and you need to identify them, attract them and nurture them in your team.
  • … and much more from Australia’s leading expert on the ‘science of creativity‘.