May 14, 2014

InnoFuture – Breaking BAD

BAD_CULTUREAustralia is entering an economic and identity crisis. If the latest Budget is any indication, we lack the vision for a positive future. Debt is looming. Yet, instead of working out a strategic path to ‘trade’ our way to sustainable prosperity, we are doing the wrong thing: cutting costs where it hurts.  So, InnoFuture is breaking BAD.

If you are a business Leader, especially of an SME business, you too, should be breaking BAD in order to do a lot of good.

While shamelessly playing on the title of the ultra-successful TV series, this article has absolutely nothing to do with the show or with the meaning of the phrase, which, according to the Urban Dictionary “comes from the American Southwest slang, meaning to challenge conventions, to defy authority and” … that’s as close as it gets.

We are embarking on an EXTREME business transformation for Australian SMEs. Our vision is to create ultra-competitive Australian global industry leaders – inspired by the success of the German Mittelstand, a highly resilient economy built on the strength of SMEs (Mittelstand means SME in German).

It is a universally accepted fact that in tough economic times you are either helping or hurting. There is no middle ground. A sad, and a less widely known truth is that the lack of two very specific business skills is stopping thousands of brilliant businesses with extremely talented leaders and capable and educated people from helping the world in the way they know they can.

Our research shows that over 90% of these businesses fall short of fully leveraging their potential. At every turn, change, challenge and adversity threaten to destroy well-meaning plans, ideas and potentially livelihoods because of the lack of two major problems. We think this is tragic.

The upside of a tough economy is the disproportionately high opportunity for leaders with the REAL solutions to help Customers who are suffering NOW and desperately need you! If YOU have the information, expertise, and courage to solve a specific piece of this millennium’s puzzle, you need to break BAD.

The reason most businesses FAIL to reach their full potential is simple.

You can have the BEST IDEA in the world, the education, expertise and experience to back it up, but unless you know how to address the two major problems facing all SMEs, you risk going to where the vast number of businesses end up – ‘restructuring’, ‘downsizing’, or ’Out of Business’! Where is the satisfaction and your personal contribution to the society in that?

Problem #1 – Inconsistent Sales and Marketing – Brand

Let’s get one thing straight: Branding is not a bleeding luxury reserved for big business. It is an essential lifeline for SMEs. Brand means that you stand for something specific. Remember, if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything, right flat on your face. Business Brand is about the strength from within and people leadership.

Leading is not about you. It’s about people. It’s what they take out from what you say and do in order to follow you. The new economy is about choice. Good employees just like good customers have the freedom of choice. You need to give them a good reason to choose you. As a Leader,  you need to build a convincing, magnetic Brand that stands out and makes a clear, compelling promise.

Solution: Extreme Branding – Sustainable Business Foundations

Our research and experience show that today, if you want to successfully lead people and business, you need to build IDEAL business: Imagine, Design, Engage, Align (people and strategy), and then Lead. This is an essential pre-requisite for success in a tough economy. It doesn’t need to be disruptive or expensive, but rewards will not only be fantastic. They will last!

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IDEAL Business

Problem #2: Inconsistent Performance – Deliver

Most businesses struggle with the great divide between strategy and what people do on a daily basis. Even the best strategies will fail if you rely on micromanaging people, trying to enforce many complex rules employees don’t relate to.

Heard about ‘presentism’? Today, it’s not enough for people to ‘do their job’.  To deliver consistent Brand performance, a business needs to create flexibility within a framework that adds agility on the front-line but is firmly linked to a clear strategic direction. Of course, a lot has been said about empowering people. Normally, it’s a HR myth.

Only a strategically designed and aligned Business Culture offers such flexibility and allows you to Lead effectively and achieve consistent performance. The right Culture can save a large organisation a lot of money, but it can make or break a small business.

Solution: Extreme Delivery – Driven by Culture

Culture happens whether you like it or not. BAD Culture is the desired one that will drive your Business Brand and Deliver your Brand promise through focused Innovation and value-adding Productivity.

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Resolving these two problems, by getting the facts and re-designing your management approach, will enable you to thrive in this new economy through stronger competitive advantage, ongoing customer relevance and a business culture that drives productivity and  innovation.

Time to break BAD? It’s time to go extreme: challenge conventions, to defy the economy.

Go, Brand And Deliver!

In the meantime, enjoy your innovation journey!

Margaret Manson | Chief Inspirator

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