April 25, 2014

IDEAL Business Academy



Jojo-2The InnoFuture IDEAL Business Academy is the ONLY high profile business education platform designed with a strategic vision for Business Leaders who want to make significant progress in competitiveness, innovation and market leadership.


75% of information is lost the moment the classroom door closes behind you.  NOT anymore!
Only 46% of Leaders communicate their Vision and Strategy. Be a different Leader!


  • Instant Strategic Outcome enabling SME Leaders build the Foundations of a globally competitive business. Get this right and you will be in a better position to invest in the right ‘tools’ and get a better ROI.
  • We put Leaders in the center of a Learning organisation where know-how is is a growth asset, used to outperform competitors and sharpen your Business edge.
  • We are Technology-driven: We use technology and you should too: because time is money. We teach Leaders how to leverage technology to drive Strategy and Culture.
  • We use a world-class online coaching platform – used by over 12,000 coaches on most continents. We call it InnoFuture DOJO [from the martial arts: a place of ‘way’].
  • We are democratizing access to best business resources: We know that Small Business leaders are time poor and have limited resources for best training and strategic support, especially in remote areas. We have changed it with simple, cost-effective and easily accessible technology.
  • New era in Training: Traditional training is perishable and can have limited flow-on effect on your internal know-how. Unlike any other learning format, we make learning immediately actionable, customized to each individual business. All Program resources are “sharable” and as permanent as a reference book. Never waste a single day or dollar again on courses, conferences or consulting that do not reinforce your competitive strategy.
  • Importantly, we provide a ‘human touch’ – direct connection to the Chief Inspirator – and continuity of learning and support that is missing from all current formats. We exemplify Business Culture as a way of life!
  • And, you will become part of InnoFuture’s InCrowd, a community of business builders, innovators and some very brilliant people.

Design your unique IDEAL Business Foundations – and use Academy resources and support to personally drive productivity, employee engagement and innovation.


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  • Competitive Impact Program for Business Owners and Leaders to build Foundations for enduring Business.
  • RIOT [Rapid Insight Online Talks] – Strategic program of short insights from Experts and Leaders – ideal way to extend your internal training and inspiration.
  • DOJO Platform – world-class coaching online technology designed for personalised delivery, speed and efficiency of strategic Development and Strategic Learning and Team coaching.
  • Specialist Workshops – Live and online training to dig deeper into practical and valuable business knowledge to support your Foundations; delivered by the best of local and global experts in all aspects.
  • InnoTECA – A resource library is the place where Leaders network, interact, with exclusive access to global experts. Sample the know-how, share, grow through collaboration. More information coming soon. Complete the FORM below to be informed.


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