August 15, 2014

InnoFuture DOJO Strategic Development and Coaching Platform


For busy Leaders and their Organisations.


DOJO-InnoFutureDOJO, from Japanese, is the place for practicing the ‘art of way’. In our case, we help organisations organize and practice their competitive knowledge, and culture of innovation, brand evangelism and leadership communication.

InnoFuture uses DOJO to deliver specialist InnoFuture Academy Programs and provides Service to develop proprietary know-how Training Programs for our Small-Medium Business clients. DOJO is an ultralight Management vehicle, designed for the agile 21st century for:

  • strategic development;
  • as a repository for professional resources (cloud library); or,
  • as a Brand and Innovation training platform for all employees.

Whether you have 5 or 50 or  or 500 this is the fastest vehicle to coach your workforce cost-effectively.

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DOJO – Technology Platform Step-Through:

1-Dojo-Home_Page1. HOME PAGE: When you login into your DOJO – any time and anywhere where there is access to Internet – you will select the Program (called Package) you want to work on, if you have more than one.

OR, you can join a Forum in your DOJO community and share your comments and experience with other members using this Program (Package).






2. DEVELOPMENT: Work on your personalised Program at your own pace [or as required].

The colour ‘status’ dot will indicate what you have completed to date. It will turn ‘orange’ when you’ve started on a Module, or ‘green’ when you’ve completed a Module to your and your Coach’s satisfaction (when Coaching included). This allows the Manager/Coach to monitor progress of all participants.





3. RICH LEARNING CONTENT: Select the new Module you want to work on or to revisit to refresh your memory. The ‘learning content’ may consist of: text, images, video, links, or audio – just like a website but it’s fully confidential.

Apart from Packages (Programs) provided by InnoFuture and our network of Experts, YOU may request a PROPRIETARY PROGRAM to be developed for your Employees. It is a perfect vehicle for: testing employees’ understanding of your Brand, Value Proposition and engagement.




4-Dojo-Questions4. TAILORED OUTCOMES: At the end of the Module content there are some Coaching Questions to help with focus and understanding and to apply to YOUR BUSINESS. A new answer box opens to enable you to separate important thoughts or to add a new perspective next time you visit this Module. It’s great for periodic reviews of your strategic thinking.



5-Dojo-Documents-Submit_to_Coach5. KNOWLEDGE RESOURCE LIBRARY: At the bottom of your Module – you will find DOCUMENTS section. These may be the Templates or Articles we have provided, OR you can UPLOAD any documents or files from external sources to build a reference library for the topic in the relevant Module. This is an ideal way to build your Proprietary Strategic Training for your Team.

6. COACHING: When you’ve finished – you can SUBMIT your work to your COACH for feedback. And you can tick the ‘complete’ box to mark your progress.


7-Dojo-Forums7. PRIVATE BUT NOT ALONE: DOJO learning and development Platform gives the Academy Members an exclusive access to a Peer-Expert FORUM. You can interact with your others who are on the same journey and Coaches to share insights and get extra answers.



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