May 16, 2014

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Forget that it’s FREE. Focus on Value! There are thousands of blogs, hundreds of publishing sites, and dozens of live and on-line events that promise value. But how often do you feel you’ve walked away empty-handed? 

At InnoFuture we are committed to providing deep, practical and inspirational business Value.

We publish to keep give you real insights and tools. We talk to Business Leaders to bring you valuable lessons from the trenches – from success and failure. And, we democratize Strategy, Marketing and Culture to put it within your reach to help you harness Productivity, Innovation and consistent, profitable growth!

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WHO Should Join:

Business Owners, Marketing, Innovation and Sales Managers, Strategy and Business Development Managers, and Chief Technology Officers – if…

  • Your business is growing too fast
  • Your business has stalled
  • You are caught in the price competition spiral
  • Your sales are inconsistent and cost of sales is getting higher
  • You are having difficulty attract and keep talent
  • … Your Customers don’t know why they should buy from you all the time – not just when your price is cheaper!

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[*RIOTRapid Insight Online Talks – based on a cool 29-minute single-focus foray into: a strategic business issue, new business trend, a case study, strategic business tool, or relevant essential Small Business technology. The RIOT difference is that you can hear it first-hand, and then, gain access to a recorded version and use it to jog your memory or for Team training and inspiration.]

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