12 Commandments of Innovation for Australian Business

Like many brands, InnoFuture, Future Powered by Innovation, started with a Leader’s Vision. This Vision was to create a world-class business innovation conference that would transform the future of Australian businesses through best knowledge, inspiration and connecting people with ideas and resources. Success of this vision can be measure on three levels: it created a[…]

Hybridized Market Re-positioning

“Nothing’s new under the sun” or is there?  Science has now analysed all existing matter into countless, smallest elements. What’s left and is hidden in plain sight? Synthesis! Innovation happens at intersections. Borrowing from your competitors is fraught with risk. It is illegal and at best makes you an imitator. However, you can steal from[…]

Learning to Fail: The Key to Successful Business Innovation

Woody Allen, while not necessarily considered a thought leader of today, was once considered a visionary and had many “gems” to share with us.Строительство | Строительство деревянных домов под ключ I particularly like this quote because it sums up the core truth for innovation in any capacity. To be innovative, you must try new things[…]