Breaking BAD – InnoFuture

If you are tired of the bad news about Australian economy and Government, consider that we may be just focusing on the wrong thing.  Here is THE I’ve been listening to the noise from the global village… selectively, of course, and: If all this doesn’t make you think “Australia, what about me?”, here is[…]

Universal Leader

The biggest problem for business performance and longevity today is Management. Management has replaced Leadership. Management has become a valuable personal ‘possession’ for which individuals strive and which is traded like shares on the job market. Managers by definition manage jobs that are to be done and they are directly responsible for the outcomes using[…]

Wired for Perpetual Desirability.

Today i offended someone (that’s perhaps not unusual). This was the statement posted on an Australian Government Innovation  site blog: “I think we need to be a little careful not to think every solution involves innovation or for that matter requires innovation. The idea of a “We’re Here” and we need to “Get There” is[…]