How to make a Competitive Impact.

But the multi-million-dollar question is “What impact will we make?” Here is a ‘five plus one’ take on this question! Top 5 Challenges Leaders Can Control: Most businesses in Australia struggle with five strategic challenges over which they DO have control: ONE SOLUTION: There is one answer to all these challenges. Every business needs to[…]

Innovation Touches Everything

This graphic might seem a bit random, but it cleverly illustrates the organic nature of innovation. We speak of innovation in business ad nauseum, but it is important to remember that true innovation is much bigger than that. True innovation touches everything, and a breakthrough in on industry can lead to breakthroughs in another, improving[…]

Innovation is Everyone’s “Job”!

A recent article from Forbes showcases a critical error that the majority of organisations are still making when it comes to innovation. An excerpt form the article reads: “Is your company a great place for innovation? That probably depends on whether you ask the boss or the underlings. According to a new study by Development[…]

Grey Cell Transfer Technology – A Strategy For Business Continuity

The truth is, traditional training, while it is a source of new skills, is out of sync with the needs of a modern, fast-paced business. Put on L-plates on your organisation because Learning is the new black. Every business today operates in a borderless Knowledge Economy where knowledge and innovation are two main sources of[…]

Wired for Perpetual Desirability.

Today i offended someone (that’s perhaps not unusual). This was the statement posted on an Australian Government Innovation  site blog: “I think we need to be a little careful not to think every solution involves innovation or for that matter requires innovation. The idea of a “We’re Here” and we need to “Get There” is[…]