The Secret of Winning Business Cultures

PENICILINMany businesses and organisations struggle with productivity, sales, keeping profits up, staff turnover and effective innovation. The real problem in not getting the results you want is the disconnect between Strategy and the Operations, i.e. lack of direction

In today’s business environment, it’s not enough to create job descriptions and expect people to do their jobs, unless you want to micromanage and change job descriptions monthly or adjust expectations as the situation arises. You simply can’t afford it. You need to create an environment with simple, clear guidelines that support your Competitive Strategy that will enable people to self-adjust their actions to always head in the right direction with confidence. This environment is your Business Culture.

The biggest mistake organisations make is when they start the process with trying to build a Toolbox first.

WARNING: Step away from the Tools and nobody gets hurt!

The thing about Culture, from the simplest live organism like bacteria, to great civilizations and great brands that have  left lasting landmarks on humanity, is that it has a life of its own. Given the right environment, a Culture will subject everything in its path to its own form.

Every organisation has a culture. The difference is when Culture is built on the right foundations. These foundations are built on SIX STEPS [detailed article] which pave the path to making productivity, innovation and brand evangelism a way of life.

Here is what to expect:  The Leader is placed in the centre of the organisational culture – leading by example. Managers are equipped in great tools and reinforce each other’s effort when people are interconnected through strategic objectives. Employees understand the direction and the reason behind the guidelines to help them connect across silos and make better, more satisfying decisions.

Creative Productivity and focused Innovation follows.

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