Websites and Business Culture

Company’s website is it’s face and, today, it reflects the Culture of an organisation. What and how you communicate to your employees and customers shows through your website.  I call ‘confident personality’. Good looks give advantage to people and websites, but it’s the ‘personality’ that wins in the long term. And, the above checklist is a chance to bring your ‘business personality’ to the front.Как штукатурить потолок

Here are two examples of websites that tick most of these boxes: Carter and Targit.

How is your business scoring on this checklist? Let me know – leave a comment.

This conversation continued online:

Hi David,

Good to chat with you. Hope my three-penny of advice will be well spent. One more thing: your website looks good. I wouldn’t be spending money on a new one, just add the essentials I mentioned and think instead about formalising your business culture to build ‘core strength’.

See you in the InCrowd. MM


Hi Margaret,

I here you – with core strength – you mean the things we are really good at?


Hi David,

Think ‘abbs’ (not apps). To have core strength and keep it, you not only need to know what you are doing well. You, and the whole team (body), need to do it consistently, for life. Business Culture makes it possible because it makes people belong and share a common goal.  MM”


Sadly, most businesses today are so focused on generating revenue, that they are missing the important point. And that is that from a purposely ‘designed’ Business Culture that is connected by a shared goal, comes strategic focus, productivity, value-adding creativity, and what is perhaps most valuable for an SME: Brand Evangelism. When people love what they are doing and are having fun doing it, they will tell others – including Social Media – multiplying the ripple effect.

This is a powerful differentiator, when everything else is equal. And, there always ‘equals’.

Do you have a Business Culture that is designed to engage people with your business strategy? Do you think Business Culture could help your Business?