August 29, 2014

Who is InnoFuture – Infographic

Like many great Brands, InnoFuture started as a Vision of its founder. I am Margaret Manson. If you want to understand how InnoFuture can help you, start with asking this question first…

Margaret Manson - InnoFuture

Why am I doing this? And, why you should do it too!

Never assume that your customers fully understand your business. They may be happy with some of your products they have bought in the past, but may not know what else you offer. This is particularly important for B2B Services and Manufacturing.

Often valuable Products and Services, in which you invested time and money to develop, are sitting collecting dust. Why? Because Customers are not mind readers, especially not of your mind. It’s not their job.

Communicate! Communicate often.

Don’t be afraid to repackage the same information in ‘different colours’, by using different tools. There is no shortage of those to a marketer today.

Jojo-2InnoFuture is a specialist marketing and innovation resource for busy, under-pressure Managers.

Contact Margaret Manson | Chief Inspirator
M: 0407 66 11 30 | P: 03 9857 9215

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